Friday, February 28, 2014

Of best friends, saying goodbye and welcoming another one back

Indeed, life is a wheel that goes on and on. Sometimes, we say goodbye to people we love, but if they are meant to be in our lives, they eventually stumble back in. 

Des is leaving for Melbourne next Tuesday. While I'm saddened that I will soon lose one of the besties within the Inner Circle, I'm also excited to have someone back again. 


Ate Eve is coming back to Manila for a new gig. Whilst we will be on the opposite site of the fence, it doesn't matter. I'm getting one of my best friends back. That, to me, is what matters.  

Ate Eve is one of my crutches during my Jakarta stint. She was my sounding board, my weekend salon and shopping soulmate even before the Malaysia Boys came into both our lives. 

Although we kept in touch very regularly despite the distance, being near each other still mattered. 

And now, we're back together. IN THE SAME CITY!!! STARTING TOMORROW!!! 

*dance of joy* 

Here's to more adventures together. And cheers to good ol' friendships! 

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