Thursday, July 24, 2014

To Sir with Love

Exactly three years ago, we were together in Jakarta. 

We spent the weekend together with Ate Evelyn, plowed through the antique shops of Jalan Surabaya for my furniture collection and bought my first serious nude painting. 

We went to Segarra to see the sunset while we were having cocktails. 

Blame it on Timehop that I actually unearthed this specific episode. 

Can you believe it? It has been three years. Has it been that long? 

I haven't seen you for two years now. The cosmos has yet to align for us to bump into each other once again. We share the same city once in a while. We check in the same hotel, for crying out loud! Yet we never, ever come across each other.

Perhaps the Universe knows in her core that I may not be ready for it - no matter the brave front. Honestly, the thought bubble in my mind is: Are you? 

Three years.

But the photos still scorched something in me. 

I still bled a little. My throat still burned from choking back tears and my chest felt like there's an anvil shoved on top of it. 

Ganon pala talaga kita minahal. 

I casually told Nabeth what happened today, of three years ago. She said, "Sayang si Sir. Akala ko talaga kayo na." 

I thought so, too. 

Today, I'm in a much better place, but the thought of you...of us...still strike me nostalgic. 

I can't help but wonder until when I will bleed a little when I think of you. 

I guess this is what great loves do to people. They make you realize the amount of pain and love you can bear for one person, just for the want and the need to be with them.  

Sir, you're definitely one for the books. 

After all, there is only One Great Love in this lifetime for me.

That, or I may just be waxing sentimental.  

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